Article Forge 2.0: Can AI Compete with Human Writers

Humans beware: AI writing software has finally reached the point where it generates legitimate-looking content. As part of this Article Forge 2.0 review, we’re going to ask the software to pitch itself to you. I’ll let you judge just how close the results are to human generated text; it was certainly better written than the last cheap article I bought.

The team at Article Forge has spent the last three years rebuilding the core of their product. Their technology has advanced far beyond the traditional “scrape and spin” approach used by black hat SEO. Their platform uses artificial intelligence to mimic human speech.

The text finally sounds and looks like natural English. With verbal quality similar to a native writer. Paragraph topics are selected and respected. The article flows well. The phrasing is solid and confident. At a distance, the vocabulary and grammar can pass as the work of an American college graduate. (Want a closer look at the text quality? They offer our readers a free trial – sign up using this affiliate link)

The articles aren’t perfect. While the text quality is very high, the topic research process sometimes parrots back half-baked ideas or plays buzzword bingo. The good news? This is usually trivial to correct so the final copy looks human created. Generated in 80% – 95% less time than writing from scratch.

Why Does This Matter? 80/20 Rule of Writing

Here’s reality: nobody reads most of that stuff you’re writing. People look at headlines, first paragraphs, call outs, images, and “Hero Content”. They don’t care about stuff you bury at the bottom of the page. The typical business website or blog includes thousands of words of irrelevant content which nobody reads.

The same applies to your website. People read the home page, authority articles, good case studies, and product materials. The rest? Filler to bulk up authority. You are literally writing for search engine robots.

Isn’t it time to look at having robots write stuff for robots?

How Article Forge Works

We are the first article forge review written after version 2.0 was launched. The features we describe below aren’t covered by other reviewers out there. These recent changes are a major improvement.

Article Forge 2.0 went through a major redesign in the past several years. The system was rebuilt to polish the structure and style of articles. Unlike lower end software, it doesn’t used scraped and pasted text. The top ranking sites on Google are mined for ideas and insights. These are fed into an AI to spin these into natural sounding articles.

This is structurally similar to how humans write. Research the topic and write down the key points. When you’re ready to write, you spin each of your points into a paragraph or two, fluffing it out with some color commentary as you go. A human writer can work across topics, using what they know about one topic to create an article for another. If I’m creating content on ferret diets, I don’t need to scrape the top 10 results to write text. I use what I know about otters and weasel diets to write unique content about ferrets. In fact, my ability to “cross topics” increases the uniqueness of the content.

Which brings me to my favorite feature about Article Forge: it consistently sounds like natural native English. Even if the system gets the research slightly wrong or the topic drifts a bit, I can generally figure out what Article Forge was trying to say. That makes these errors very easy to edit and correct.

Article Forge: Example of Generated Text

Since we’re talking about article writing software here, the best proof is in the text. Lets look at the article forge articles! I’ll pass the pen to Article Forge and ask it to say a few words about why you should buy the program. (The writing AI acid test. Can it sell itself?)

The Article Forge process starts with identifying the topic of the article and suggesting some related keywords. These additional keywords are very important in the process, since they help sculpt the flow of the article. This means you can take a broad topic and guide it towards pitching your product or key benefits. We’re going to do that with the topic: “why should I buy article forge?”

article forge review

We hit the button and get our article back. Here’s the text…

/* AI Generated Text From Article Forge */

Why should I buy article forge? There are a lot of questions that people have after they heard about this tool, and the most commonly asked question is the “why should I buy article forge?” For those who are interested in this type of technology, this is a must. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Article writing software can be easily downloaded and it can help generate fresh content for your website or blog. Most people usually prefer to write articles, and this makes the article writing software really worth to consider. The software is extremely user friendly and easy to use. It allows you to search the content you want to put in your articles, edit the content as well as re-format it, and insert keywords list into the text that you have just written. As you can see, the whole process of developing your own content is actually quite easy, and if you are really intent on optimizing your websites or blogs, you need to think of this tool.

At first you may think that it is expensive, but it is actually cheaper than human writers. If you are willing to invest a little bit of money, I am sure that you will be able to pay for the software itself within the first month or so. It has a money back guarantee, so you do not have to worry about the price after you buy it.

Not bad, for a computer…

  • Definitely has the look and feel of natural English text
  • Hits a lot of relevant keywords from a SEO perspective
  • Came up with ideas beyond what I guided it toward
  • It didn’t quite understand the money back guarantee
  • Slight tendency to fluff and repeat similar topics

I’m probably not going to post it on LinkedIn but it doesn’t scream SPAM like spinner content or the work of a one-star writer. Despite being cheaper (under $.25 per 1000 words).

That’s an actual text by the way. I haven’t edited it. Here’s the tracking code.

Close Enough To Easily Edit

The other thing I’m loving about this new version of Article Forge?

The initial copy is of sufficient quality that editing it into final form is a breeze.

I took the sample text above and edited it for about 5 minutes.

/* Final version – Article Forge + 5 minutes of editing */

You may be wondering, why should I buy article forge? The answer is simple: it is one of the best automated writing packages on the market. If you’re serious about automating content creation, this software package is a must. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Article writing software can help generate fresh content for your website or blog. While the software may appear expensive, it is actually cheaper than human writers. Since text articles are a common form of content, so you will likely get plenty of use from the software. If you are willing to invest a little bit of money, I am sure that you will be able to pay for the software itself within the first month or so.

Article Forge is very user friendly and easy to use. You can identify the topics and keywords you want to cover in an article. It gives you options to edit and reformat content as well. It makes the process of developing your own content easy.

Their last software redesign substantially improved article quality. We are currently getting better articles from Article Forge than we do from most international writers. Editing is a breeze, since most articles have good topic structure and proper phrasing.

The software has a money back guarantee, so you can get your money back if you’re not happy with the quality of the content. If you are intent on expanding the content on your websites or blogs, you need to think of this tool.

Total editing time was about 5 minutes. Specific changes ranged from editing a few research errors (the guarantee), pruning repetition, and adjusting the order of the text.

That could certainly be published as a guest post or on a corporate blog. It’s not “powerhouse” sales copy but it represents the brand and makes key points about the product’s value. It is better than 50% of the articles out there.

Editing: Tactical Details vs. Bad English

One thing I like about this is that most edits are tactical details: slightly muddy research inserted into an otherwise good essay design. That makes them very easy to fix. You may need to add a topic that Article Forge couldn’t insert into the article. Or gently adjust the phrasing of something like the money back guarantee. The software does have slight love of redundant explanations and word play that you may need to prune. Their default topic flow is solid, although it is an area I like to tweak (as you can see).

The edits we didn’t have to make here? Fixing hopelessly broken sentences because the computer pasted stuff together or it grabbed an already spun article. Removing weird phrasing that no real person ever uses. The actual writing is very high quality.

Where and How To Use Article Forge

Reality check: you’re not going to use this for high end landing pages. Nor would I entrust the software with a deep research article like this one. Those still require human guidance and creativity.

Everything else is fair game.

The harsh and bitter truth? Most people don’t read web content. They read your titles and headings. Look at images. The first paragraph gets read. The rest is filler. Put your time where it counts!

Need to pound out boring repetitive content for money sites? Or fluff out a bunch of web-pages with strong “hero content” at the top with some below-the-fold word count to keep Google happy? This tools works wonders, especially if you do some judicious copy-editing along the way. This is particularly true if you’re guiding someone through a multi-page site such as a slide show or interactive experience.

Article Forge is also a great way to explore. Do you suspect that Google is unhappy with the current web content for a topic and wants to give new voices a chance? You can always write an epic article, in which case you’re out $100 – $250 if you’re wrong. Alternatively, use Article Forge to write a cheap article with a catchy headline in five minutes. Save the five star writer for when you know you have an audience.

This tool reduces your investment on low impact content. This can save you thousands of dollars.

Systematic Usage – API’s & Integration

Managing a network of sites? Article Forge gets the team player award for multi-site capabilities.

  • Integration with WordPress Blogs (including a post scheduler)
  • Integrates with WordAI (same company) for greater content uniqueness
  • API access available, for more advanced integration with other software

Not to mention the fact the text looks like good high quality native English writing.

This unique content writing software is bad news for content mills on the low end of the writing market. Article Forge content is higher quality and requires less editing than low end articles (< 30 ppw writers). Not to mention the text quality absolutely clobbers the junk you get from “scrape and spin” software.

Free Trial

Want to give Article Forge a try? They’re offering a 5 day free trial. Is the content good enough to meet your needs and save you money? Put it to the test, on their dime. Sign up for your free trial [affiliate link]

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