Ezoic Requirements – Publisher Perspective

Disclaimer: The guidance below is based on my own experience and not an official statement from Ezoic; I’m an independent publisher who has used their platform for several years. They obviously can approve / decline whomever they wish.

Official Ezoic Requirements

Their current position on official Ezoic Requirements can be found here. The quick recap (to save you the click):

  • Website needs to get a minimum of 10,000 visits per month
  • Content compliant with Google AdSense policies
  • Currently approved by AdSense
  • Informational Content Site Written in a language AdSense Supports
  • Compliant with a fairly long list of Google policies (what you would expect)

Publisher Perspective

So the good news is you should get a fairly nice bump in EPMV (earnings per thousand visitors) by moving a website of that size onto a “real” display advertising program. I had expected they would be pushing for 15,000 visitors and not 10,000.

The AdSense compliant content criteria isn’t a surprise. If you’re AdSense compliant yet haven’t been able to get approved for AdSense I’d reach out to them anyway. One of the advantages of their status as a Google Certified Publishing Partner is they’ve got a little bit more access to Google than the average outsider. They may be able to coach you through the last couple of changes required to get your approval.

One item of note – visitors vs. page views. A lot of smaller advertising networks will gate admissions based on the number of page views your website can deliver. This isn’t how Ezoic works. Since they run their optimization process at the session level, they really you to have a sufficient number of sessions for their optimization platform to be effective.

I’ll also note that once you’ve gotten one site approved on their platform, you can often get some additional support with your other properties. For more information about how to sign up for a free trial, look at our Ezoic review.