Thrive as a Freelance Writer During a Recession

If you’re a freelance writer questioning your financial future as the recession approaches, you’re not alone. As talk of a recession swirls all around you, it’s hard not to get caught up in the doom and gloom of frightening economic times.

While some freelancers are right to be worried about surviving a recession, savvy freelance writers actually have an opportunity to increase their income during recessionary times. Here’s how to get a head start on recession proofing your business.

Increase Your High-End Product Offerings

Do not decrease your rates during a recession. Yes, you read that correctly. Freelance writers who reduce their rates during a recession are likely to find less work, not more. Companies paying content mill rates are likely to purchase less content during a recession, making reducing your writing rates a surefire way to end up competing for scraps with other freelance writers.

Focus on offering high-end product offerings, like white papers, interviews, and case studies. Make sure the rates you’re asking for signal your expertise as a researcher and writer.

Don’t be afraid to walk away from clients who balk at your prices, as they’re not likely to be your best clients during a recession.

Extend Your Network Now!

Now is the time to get busy growing your network as a freelance writer. Network with as many editors, content strategists, and content marketing managers as you can.

Become a source of valuable information to those in a position to potentially send work your way in the future. This is situation where a little bit of blogging and judicious content sharing can pay huge dividends down the line. Writing and posting content is an easy way to get visibility with hiring managers (via their social media feeds) without bothering them.

Start networking with your target clients on platforms like LinkedIn, Quora, and HackerNews. The more effort you put into growing your network now, the better your odds of growing your client list, even during tough economic times.

Forum Marketing

One of the smartest moves you can make to grow your freelance writing business during a recession is to go all-in on forum marketing.

Not only is forum marketing an excellent way to build connections with potential writing clients, it is terrific for improving SEO (search engine optimization) for your target keywords. Understand the phrases clients will use when searching online for a freelance writer. Work those keywords and long-tail keyword phrases into your forum marketing posts and forum profiles.

You can offer helpful advice on forums to showcase your niche expertise and turbocharge your SEO at the same time. Can you say #winning?

If you are a freelance writer worried about the upcoming recession, it is crucial you develop a detailed business development plan-of-action now. Wait until you start losing clients or see your writing commissions dry up and it might be too late. Incorporate the above-listed recession-proofing tips into your freelance writing business and there’s a good chance the economic downturn will have little impact on your content creation services.