Website Flipping Tips: 3 Ways to Show Off the Value and Potential of a Website

Buyers who visit flipping sites are looking for a deal. They want to find the most valuable site available for the lowest price. This behavior can work to the seller’s advantage. Why? Because all buyers have the same strategy. If they find one, the website listing will generate a huge number of bids, and the price will soar. To get a high level of interest, website sellers need to show how valuable the website is. There are a few website flipping tricks that can help make a website look like a million bucks.

Create a High-Quality Video Tour

Real estate agents use video tours to show off a home’s best features while inspiring potential owners to think of a home’s potential. The same thing works for online real estate. Create a modern, quality video that shows all of a website’s best features. Use the video to demonstrate how easy the site will be for the new owner to update and manage. Then, give potential buyers a sneak peek at its monetization features and how great it looks to visitors. SEO and analytics are also important to potential buyers.

Sales Copy Matters

Big long pages of cheesy sales copy aren’t going to cut it in the website flipping business. Buyers are looking for value so create sales copy that reflects that and is quick to read. Create a description that clearly outlines all the features, benefits, and potential of the website on offer. Bullet points are ideal for giving a quick list of features.

All websites have some downsides. Instead of trying to hide them or hope that potential buyers don’t see them, address these concerns in the listing. If the website hasn’t generated a significant amount of income, for example, explain the site’s potential and how quickly the buyer can get it making money. If it has a high-profit margin, consider focusing on that instead of total monthly income amounts.

Don’t Forget to Include Off-Site Value

Much of a website’s value comes from outside the domain. Customer reviews, social media real estate, audience engagement, and email lists can add a lot of value to a listing. Information about relationships with vendors, advertisers, writers, and other information will help to demonstrate how effortless the website will be to maintain. Link profiles and information about marketing efforts can also help lure in potential buyers. Lastly, don’t forget to include information about the website’s niche. For example, talking about traffic growth, trends, and how the website is better than the competition will help buyers see how profitable the site will be.

Website flipping can be extremely profitable if the listings can generate enough interest to get a good price. It’s important to generate leads and traffic to the offer, but the listing also needs to convince them to buy. These three tips are just the start to accomplishing that goal. Don’t be afraid to get creative, talk to interested parties, and adjust the listing as needed. 

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